Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flip Turns and Junk

Check this crap out. I've been doing flip turns. Ok, I've known how to do them since I was 12, but refused to do them out of principle. Until now. When I was a kid, I swam in a summer swim league. My folks kept me ridiculously busy when I wasn't in school. The goal, I'm guessing, was to keep me out of a youth home. Summer swim league was one of those activities. I liked it though. It gave me a new group of friends in the summers and it was pretty fun. I was a sprinter. My stroke sucked but I could muscle through it fast enough. When my coaches made me race anything over 50 meters, I took it as a personal affront to my liberty and well-being. No Joke. There was more than one occasion where I false started on purpose or was otherwise obnoxious to show my displeasure. I certainly didn't do flip turns on anything over 50 meters.

Needless to say, I didn't like practicing either. That makes my new dedication to the pool seem a bit ironic. Here's a kid that used to get creative in thinking of ways to shorten his workouts. I don't do that any more. Some of my old Loyalsock Gators teammates would be shocked.

I swam two miles today. With flip turns. WTF? It's Thursday night and that puts me at 5 miles on the week so far. Oh and get this, I taught myself how to breathe bilaterally too. Tomorrow is a day off. I am ready for it.

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